Park your Vehicle outside with
Peace of Mind

Smart Car Parking Tag with Number Hiding service for Vehicle Owners to get notified in case vehicle is wrongly parked.


Vehicall High Quality Smart Car Parking tag

Self-Adhesive Sticker Peel the outer layer to paste it on windshield
Phone Camera / Google Lens / Any QR reader App Emergency Contact Details


What's Inside


How Vehicall Works

Order online

Order Vehicall Smart Car parking Tag online from website or Amazon and get it delivered at right at your door step.

Activate Vehicall Tag

Scan Vehicall Tag from mobile camera or any QR reader app and follow a few on screen simple steps to activate.

Get Notified

Paste self-adhesive Vehicall Tag on windshield from inside of your car to start receiving alerts from people on wrong parking.

Do What is Needed

Vehicle wrongly parked Or Windows not rolled up Or Car has a breakdown. Get alerts on issues that bothers you most.

You will love Vehicall for reasons more than one!

Responsible way of Car Parking

Parking spaces are already congested in most of Indian cities. With Vehicall tag, anyone can scan your Vehicall tag and can notify in case if your vehicle is wrongly parked. Save yourself and others from parking related hassles.

privacy protection
Privacy you need

Vehicall Smart Car Parking Tag comes with Number Masking service by default. Vehicle owner's contact details are never shared with anyone.

privacy protection
Peace of Mind

Get notified on vehicle related issues when you are not around. Never worry again about your vehicle next time when you have parked it outside and are out for shopping or you are attending an important meeting.

privacy protection

You can add emergency contact details to your Vehicall Tag. A full-fledged SOS tool at no extra cost.

privacy protection


One Tag.
Many Benefits.
Cost Next To Nothing. Actually!


₹ 299

Pack of 2 Vehicall Tags

12 Months Access

With Number Hiding service for Vehicle owner

SOS Feature.

Add Emergency Contact Detail

Priority Support

Renewal at ₹ 149 for 1 Year

Purchase Now

A few Questions Answered for You

Vehicall is a Smart Car Parking Tag with embedded QR Code Technology, created for Vehicle Owners to get notified by anyone in case their car is wrongly parked or has any other issu.
Vehicall tag is a physical pastable sticker that can be pasted on the windshield from the inside. Once activated, vehicle owner can be notified by anyone in case their car is wrongly parked or if the car has some issue.
Once you receive Vehicall Tag, scan the QR code on your Vehicall Tag from mobile camera or any QR reader app and follow a few on-screen simple steps to activate the tag online.
Number Masking is number hiding. It allows vehicle owners to receive calls from anyone without sharing their contact details with the caller.
Currently, the Vehicall tag comes with a validity of 1 year with premium Number Masking service included by default.
The QR Code on any Vehicall tag is just like any other QR Code and can be scanned using default camera app on most Android and Apple phones. Additionally, you can use any QR Reader apps like Google Lens, Paytm etc. to scan.
Typically, it takes 5-6 days for your order to reach you. For any order related queries, you can reach our support team at +919289058872.

What Our Awesome Customers Says

“Simple yet much needed tech accessory for car owners. Helpful"



Friday, 17th June 2022

“The product they are offering makes sense completely one has to go outside for shopping or a meeting, very handy when one is not around the car."



Monday, 23rd May 2022

“Kudos to the idea. It is specially good for a women owner as the call is number masked."



Wednesday, 6th April 2022

“Bought out of curiosity. Have been exteremly helpful in the city like Delhi specially if you are out on the road often."



Thursday, 17th March 2022

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